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The Access Funds are brought to you by Access Private Wealth and Mandeville Private Client Inc. and Majestic Asset Management LLC.

The Access Funds were created to democratize access to our highest quality investment ideas at the lowest possible cost. Creating 3 unique funds provides investors with the ability to achieve true asset allocation across equity and fixed income options in both public and private markets. This allows us to build a fully customized portfolio for each client with exposure to a diversified mix of sectors and risk levels – much like a pension fund model.

Majestic Access Growth Fund

Focussed entirely on longer term growth equities with a healthy exposure to our best private equity opportunities. Prices once a quarter.

Majestic Access Private Income Fund

Focussed exclusively on private income and debt strategies with an annual distribution of 5% paid monthly and target returns in the 7 – 9% range. This fund will price monthly.

Majestic Access Balanced Income Fund

Looking for more liquidity? This Fund will provide weekly liquidity with a mix of equity and fixed income options, while taking advantage of a broad mix of investment opportunities.